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From issues like Islam to the problem of pain and suffering, from science to sex to the unseen realm of the paranormal, our culture is increasingly thrusting us into challenging questions and conversations. 

Are we prepared to answer?

Join leading apologists Lee Strobel (The Case for Christ) and Mark Mittelberg (The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask), along with some of today’s most respected apologists, authors, and theologians as they address various collision points between our culture and a biblical faith. Together they will help us, as 1 Peter 3:15 commands, to become "prepared to give an answer … with gentleness and respect."

Host the “Prepared to Answer” simulcast at your church or with your small group live on Saturday morning, September 30 — and invite friends from the community or campus to join you for a stimulating discussion of hot button questions:
  • "The Gospels are Full of Contradictions?"
  • "Science disproves God?"
  • "A good God allows pain and suffering?"
  • "Jesus rose from the dead?"
  • "Which is true: Christianity or Islam?"
  • "God hates gay people?"
  • "Ghosts, mediums, & the paranormal?"
Lee is the former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune and a spiritual skeptic until Leslie’s conversion to Christianity motivated him to try to disprove the Christian faith. His two-year investigation, using his legal and journalism skills, ended up bringing him into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.
Mark Mittelberg is a bestselling author, sought-after speaker, leading outreach strategist, and the Executive Director of the Center for Strategic Evangelism, in partnership with Houston Baptist University.  Mark’s passion for equipping people to defend their faith is uniquely approachable, humorous, and always very practical.